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The Potawatomi Indians, “Keepers of the Fire,” lived in this region for nearly 200 years. They were adaptable hunters and farmers, skillfully using what the land offered to sustain every aspect of their culture – from food and clothing to shelter.

In the Potawatomi tribes, the secrets of farming as well as the songs and legends that accompanied them, were guarded and passed from mother to daughter in the cornfields as they worked the land together. As with many native American tribes, they gave thanks to their gods and made requests for bountiful harvests through elaborate rituals… corndances.

At Corndance, we celebrate and honor the traditions of the “Keepers of the Fire” by offering you a cuisine made from only the freshest ingredients, respectfully acquired from the land. Chef George Pesek sources his ingredients from local ranches, orchards, and fields whenever possible to create unique flavorful dishes and an unforgettable dining experience. Paired with wines and beer from the the Americas, he strives to create an imaginative cuisine that offers the familiar… and something altogether new.

Welcome to the “Corndance”.

From Our Farm to Your Fork

how it all came to be…

After rising to the forefront of the bustling Chicago culinary scene, George Pesek and his family chose the town of Culver, Indiana to open their own restaurant, the Corndance Café, which has been a part of downtown Culver since 1999. They also purchased another location in Culver, which would eventually become the Evil Czech Brewery, after George attended master brewing classes at UC Davis. After a long and successful run in Culver, George selected Mishawaka, Indiana as the site of his next venture, the Corndance Tavern on Grape Road, competing against nationally known chain restaurants, and giving Mishawaka a taste of fresh local food that the Corndance brand has become famous for.
George and Tammy built their home in Argos, Indiana, where they operate Rooster Hill Farm, a 50-acre bison ranch. George, Tammy, their son Nick and daughter Olivia have all spent time working on the farm and tending to the bison themselves, doing everything from administering vaccinations and processing the bison for use in their family of restaurants. To this day, Chef George Pesek continues to seek new challenges, acquire new knowledge, and drive himself to be a better chef, while exposing his guests to new and exciting food and spirits done in a way that is healthier, fresher, and above all, local.

Daily Specials

week of March 27

  • 34
    red grouper cartoccio, julienne vegetables, saffron rice, basil, white wine butter sauce, baked in a parchment paper bag
  • 21
    chicken parmesan, fontinella cheese, hickory smoked ham, orecchiette pasta, roasted tomato sauce, micro basil, parmigiano-reggiano
  • 29
    bangkok mahi mahi ginger-lime glaze, pad thai noodles, julienne vegetables, fried egg, pad thai peanut sauce, crispy calamari, sweet chili sauce, micro pak choi
  • 28
    double cut pork chop, sweet corn risotto stuffed poblano pepper, popcorn shoots, grilled tomatillo sauce, crispy chicharrón, micro cilantro
  • 28
    seared sashimi tuna steak, served rare, ginger-lime sauce, asian coleslaw, pad thai noodles, wasabi, pickled ginger
  • 33
    grilled lamb chops, sun-dried tomato couscous stuffed eggplant, feta cheese, crispy hummus fries, harissa ketchup, cucumber salad
  • 26
    wild caught alaskan salmon, julienne vegetables, sun-dried tomato pesto, spinach & tomato-onion salad, 18-year aged balsamic vinaigrette
  • 23
    bison meatloaf, spinach, fontinella cheese, toast points, bourbon shallot sauce, grilled caesar salad, crispy tobacco road onions
  • 19
    butternut squash stuffed agnolotti, brown butter sauce, amaretto, shaved pecorino cheese, crispy sage
  • 33
    peruvian pork ham hock, braised ten hours in black water sauce, yukon mashed potato, vegetable medley

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